A monster for the track…….

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………for a monster on the track, and the road for that matter. Dylan Davies is an ex-bike messenger that has been kicking ass and winning races on the local road and track racing circuit for that last couple of seasons. He is also a friend and talented photographer.

In time there will be examples of Dylan’s work on the site, but until then, you guys will have to make do with my photography.

Here are a few shots of Dylan’s new track bike, with a combination of over-sized True Temper and a couple select tubes from a Columbus Max tube set, a Paragon Machine Works over-sized headtube and a pair of dressed Long Shen track dropouts.

DSC_0112_3DSC_0135DSC_0134 DSC_0056_3  DSC_0145DSC_0055_4DSC_0056_3DSC_0057_4

IMG_20141105_205832 IMG_20141105_211523 IMG_20141105_212458IMG_20141105_212307

So if you like this post, check out a couple posts ago to see a few shots of this beast built and painted. I also just learned it’s the 10th fastest track bike in Canada – nice work, Dylan!

Stan and Dave’s quill stems

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My posting for awhile will be in no particular order as I have a few projects to write up from last year and will be posting them as and when I get them done.

Here is a project from last summer.

I was really excited with this project as there is not much call for quill stems these days. I also happen to have a soft spot for fillet stems of all kinds. So, in order to achieve a position on their bikes that both Stan and Dave would be comfortable in, as well as efficient, they were going to need specific lengths and rises not available. Stan’s stem was 85mm and Dave’s was 95mm in length, and they both required 8 degrees of rise.

I set about making all the relevant pieces of the stems, including boring out sections of 0.085″ 1 1/8th  4130 tubing for the bar clamps and turning down the 7/8th’s quill sections by 0.001″ to allow for paint.

Once this was done, then it was time to braze the components together, and complete the job with a bit of finish work and then send them off  to paint.


The above photos were of the stem I made for Dave. Stan’s stem was the same, just a little shorter. It was made a few weeks after my return from vacation in Europe. Sad to say, I forgot to take a couple photos.

Both Dave and Stan have had their stems painted and when they send me photos I will put them up.


Happy New Year!

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So, my wife Debra and I are back from our annual trip down to the San Francisco Bay Area to see family and friends and it’s raining in Vancouver, in January, strange right!? After ten days of festivities and mountain biking with a bunch of great folks from Santa Cruz Bikes (thanks, Ian and Kyle!) and some old friends who made the trip down from Portland OR, 2014 Shredmas happened! The one hiccup was my good buddy Ira broke his hand when he got bucked off in a rock garden, riding a super fun and fast trail near the UC Santa Cruz campus. A day later, and he had six pins in a single metatarsal! Ira has never been one to do things in half measures. Hey Ira, heal up soon!

The other news so far this year is that Dylan Davies, local fast lad and a Trek Red Truck rider for 2015, is currently racing in the Canadian Track Nationals this week in Milton, Ontario. His previous track bike was a frame I helped make when I was building with 78Bike Co, in East Vancouver. However, his current track bike is all Bonavia. The frame is a mix of Columbus and True Temper tubing and a lovely over-sized head tube from Paragon Machine Works. Dylan is a an ex-bike messenger and a work horse of a bike racer. Never one to miss a turn on the front, he is known to put in more than his fair share of the work to make a break stick. I write this wishing him all the best in his upcoming races at Nationals.   Good luck in Milton, Dylan!!

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New shop, new year, last year

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So this post is late, real late to be honest. For the last two years I have been slowly putting  the pieces together and setting up a shop space in order to start building Bonavia bicycles again. The road has been long and with a few forks to get to where I am at now: in a shared shop with all my tools set up and ready for work.

The shop space is great. As you can see from the photo, I have managed to set up a section within it to dedicate to Bonavia and the necessary tooling I need to make the bikes I have been wanting to make for the last 18 months.  That said, you can never have enough tools!

DSC_0039I also feel very lucky to be in a great shop with a rad group of guys. I will be posting again soon but for now, it is really great to be up and running again.


In Neutral.

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Hello all, I thought it is about time to post something about the situation at present. I am sitting in our house in lovely Strathcona, Vancouver, British Columbia. I am awaiting my tools and fixtures, which by now should be some where in Canada. I am at working full time as a mechanic here in Vancouver and enjoying it very much, I have plans and am looking forward to continuing with Bonavia in the future. At present though my energy’s are going into my work at the bike shop, supporting Debra with her studies and taking care of the brazing duties at 78 bikes in East Van. I have made a recent addition to the Bonavia cycles tool stock with a Myford ML7 long-bed lathe. I am very excited to have such a tool as they are very well made and regarded. This little guy is in great condition and has been very well taken care of. However it is tough having it just sit here in my living room waiting for a workshop! I will post a couple pictures of it. Bonavia cycles will be up and running in the future so stay tuned people, the future is bright and exciting.

Tour de France = Radness!!

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I just got this link from a frame list that I am a member of and just thought I would post the link. However I am a bit lame tonight and can’t get the link to work, but the address is below and a few of the shots that I thought were rad.


Back in the USSA!

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I don’t know about you, but I really like way William Eggleston sees the States. He captures the gloss and the grit, that I think is indicative of the American experience.

My inspiration for this post was flying down to San Francisco to visit my wonderful parents-in-law and my best bro Ian and his wife Sarah.
Here are a couple of his most famous shots.eggleston7

The scale in this photograph is something I think everyone who sees it should acknowledge.

Bike trumps car.


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